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write note on career planning, development and career management.

   Career planning involves establishment of individual career objectives based on an assessment of career goals, aspirations, performance and potential.  Career planning is concerned with the choosing of occupation organization and jobs by individuals. It is a personalized and ongoing process whereby an individual establishes career goals and identifies the means for achieving these goals. Career planning should focus on matching personal goals with opportunities that are realistically available. Since the number of positions at senior level are scarce, upward mobility cannot be a reality to everyone. Career planning need not focus only on success related to promotions.

Career development- refers to the activities and processes undertaken by the organization to help employees attain their career objectives. It is the process by which an individual’s career plans are accomplished. Career development focuses on improving work effectiveness and performance in the immediate or intermediate time frames. Career development is oriented towards long term career effectiveness and success of the employees.

Career management  is a continues process that involves setting personal career goals developing strategies for achieving these goals and revising the goals based on work and personal experiences. Career management is an ongoing process of preparing implementing and monitoring career plans undertaken by the individual alone in concert with the organization. Organizational career management is the design and implementation of activities relevant to the career development of its employees.


Career Planning: A Four Step Process

The career planning process is comprised of four steps. One might seek the services of a career development professional to help facilitate his or her journey through this process. Whether or not you choose to work with a professional, or work through the process on your own is less important than the amount of thought and energy you put into choosing a career.


Gather information about yourself (self assessment)

  • Interests
  • Values
  • Roles
  • Skills/Aptitudes
  • Preferred Environments
  • Developmental Needs
  • Your realities


  • Explore the occupations in which you are interested


  • Research the industries in which you would like to work


  • Research the Labor Market

Get more specific information after you narrow down your options by:

  • Job Shadowing


  • Part time work, internships, or volunteer opportunities


  • Written materials


  • Informational interviews


During this phase of the process, you will:

  • Identify possible occupations


  • Evaluate these occupations


  • Explore alternatives


  • Choose both a short term and a long term option


You will develop the steps you need to take in order to reach your goal, for example:

  • Investigating sources of additional training and education, if needed


  • Developing a job search strategy


  • Writing your resume


  • Gathering company information


  • Composing cover letters


  • Preparing for job interviews

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This article was published on 2012/04/02