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Describe career planning and development

Career Planning & development is a holistic approach for objective description of the career progression path for all levels of employees in an organisation. Main two concepts are used with different in same organisations in same organisation like, career planning for non-executive & managerial level for our purpose we have considered both the terms  more in two general, rather than specific sense.


Career Planning is a sequence of attitudes and behaviour associated with the series of job & work related activities over a person’s life time. Career Planning evaluate one’s abilities and interests, considering alternative career opportunities, establishing career goals and planning practical development activities.

Career Development::- means the process of increasing an employee’s potential for advancement and career change.

Career Planning is very important for an organisation.

  • Proper Sequence:- It is a proper sequence of job related activities such job related activities vis-à-vis experience include sale experience at different hierarchical level  of an individual, which lead to an increasing level of responsibilities, status power, achievement & rewards.
  • It may be include centered or Organisational-centered:-  Individual centered career is an individually perceived sequence of career progression within an occupation.

For example-In medical profession, we have clearly defined stages of education,  intership, residency  etc.

Similarly in college teaching we have stages like lectureship, readership and professorship.

  • Integrated Pace:- It is better defined as an integrated pace of lateral management in an occupation of an individual over his employment span.
  • Progression:- Progression is very precious step in career planning because in progression include improvement and development only step by step in logical form.
  • Improvement:- In career planning improvement in morale, motivation, skills, knowledge and ability.

Important factors and steps in career planning


  • It is a continuous process.
  • It resources in organisation should also to be communicated to the employees from time to time.
  • It is a dynamic process.
  • It increases in personal skills.
  • It increases to updating knowledge activity.
  • In increases in improving performance.
Steps/ Process in Career Planning

Career Planning involves different activities for successful organisation cover important following steps:-

  • Preparing Personal Skills Inventories:- The first step is to prepare personal skills inventories, which contains data or employee’s skill and career goals. In addition there are required data banks, which provide the following information.
    1. The organisation structure and the persons managing different positions in the organisation their age, education, experience, goals, authority and responsibility.
    2. The performance record and ratings, interpersonal abilities of the employees.
    3. Their preferred location, designs and constraints.
    4. Future impression of manpower for expansion or diversification of the company or for natural
    5. wastages like death, disability, retirement, discharge and dismissal, resignation etc.

In most of the organizations such information is computerized periodically revise and updated. After preparation of personal skills inventories & additional data, it is necessary to develop career path for employees.

2. Developing Career Paths:-  Career Paths are logical mapping out of jobs, which represent a potential progression that an employee may follow over time. Such mapping of job progression are done in the firm of career ladders by clubbing together similar lives of occupations in job families. Job families are group of homogeneous jobs i.e. jobs with similar characters.

. Put the Right Man at the Right Place:- The third step in career planning process is to identify suitable employees who have the ability, potential, willingness to take up higher responsibilities and rise-up the organisation ladder for this most of the organizations have performance appraisal and merit rating system. This system enables organizations to compare the performance measures of different individual in terms of job requirement  and helps in identifying training requirement, selecting  for promotions providing financial rewards etc.

Two main steps:-

  1. Impart Training
  2. Review & Counseling


Conclusion:-   Career Planning & development is a holistic approach for objective description of the career progression path for all

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